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Our Story

I used to be a young girl who loved outdoor travel and stargazing. Whenever night falls, I always look forward to observing the beautiful stars in the sky.

However, I found that my Binoculars did not fully satisfy my stargazing needs, so I started to look for better Binoculars.

When I searched the market, I was disappointed and frustrated to find that many of the products were not of the quality I had hoped for.

I started thinking, why isn’t there a place that offers high-quality, cost-effective Binoculars for people who enjoy stargazing?

So I decided to create an e-commerce platform dedicated to selling carefully selected, high-quality Binoculars for those with a fierce need for stargazing and outdoor adventures.

Although some e-commerce platforms selling Binoculars already exist in the market, I believe my Shop-telescopes.com can provide a better choice for customers.

Every binocular I’ve chosen has been very durable and functional to ensure that it provides a superior observation experience in all environments.

In addition, my Shop-telescopes.com offers a professional customer service team to provide courteous after-sales service and technical support.

My future goal is to make it easy for anyone interested in stargazing, outdoor adventure and astronomy to find high-quality Binoculars that meet their needs.

I believe that there is a story behind every Binoculars, and we hope to be the bearer of these stories and bring more excellent products to people with the same hobby.

If you have questions about our products or services, you are welcome to contact us through the following ways.

Nikki Vanoy

[email protected]

Monday-Sunday/8:00AM-5:00PM (PST)